3 Reasons to Use a Daycare Center Instead of a Babysitter

If you can't watch your young child yourself because you will be at work all day, you might be thinking of hiring a babysitter. While there's nothing wrong with that, if you haven't considered dropping your child off at a daycare center on the way to work, perhaps you should take a look. Here are three ways you child can benefit from spending time at a daycare center.

Better Social Skills

While your babysitter likely interacts with your child quite a bit, there's nothing quite like being able to interact with people your own age. Your child will likely meet up with lots of other children around the same age group and will be able to socialize with peers. This can help improve your child's social skills as they grow older over time.

More Open to Sharing

While this is sort of a social skill as well, it's worth pointing out that a daycare center can help teach your child to share. If your kid is currently an only child, they may be used to being the center of attention, regardless of whether the adult in the room is you or the babysitter.

When they go to a daycare center, they are on equal footing with all of the other kids and will have to act accordingly. For example, perhaps there aren't enough toys to go around and everyone will have to take turns. Sharing can teach your child to be more patient and kind when it comes to interacting with others.


A daycare can help prepare your child for school if they are not yet at that age. That's because many daycare centers encourage the children to engage in educational activities together. While it won't be as strenuous as actual school, this could still give your child a leg up for the future. Even if your child is already in school, a daycare center can still be beneficial as it can provide continued education in the afternoon after the school day is over.

If you have to leave your child and don't have another family member to watch him or her, your first thought might be to hire a babysitter. But before you do so, take a good look at any local daycare centers in your area. A daycare center can teach your child valuable social skills, help prepare them for going to an actual school and teach them to play nicely with other children. Reach out to a local daycare center through resources like http://www.learningtreeatoz.com for more information.