How To Ready Your Baby And Yourself For Infant Care

Dropping your baby off with an infant care services provider can make a big difference in your life. Whether you're going back to work or need some relief from parenting duties, professional infant care does a great job of providing support. You'll likely want to prepare yourself and your little one for it, though. Let's take a look at four things you can do to make the process go a little easier for both of you.

Tour the Facility

Particularly when dealing with infant care as part of a bigger daily schedule, it's a good idea to know the lay of the facility. Learn where you should drop your kid off and who will be there to receive them.

It's also a good idea to walk around the facility and ask questions. What resources do they have to deal with things like emergencies? How many other kids are going to be there at peak hours? How many staff members will be available?

You should introduce yourself and your baby to the staff. If anyone else, such as a spouse, friend, or relative, is going to be picking your infant up or dropping them off, ask them to come along and be introduced, too.

Check Certifications

Licensing and certification requirements for infant care services businesses vary widely by state, but you should insist on at least seeing evidence of basic medical certifications. Someone should always be at the facility who is certified in both first aid and child CPR. Insist upon seeing the documentation of both certifications and any licenses they may have.

Ease Into It

You really don't know how either you or your baby are going to react to being separated for part of a day until you take the leap. Not everyone can afford to do it this way, but you should try, if possible, to ease into it with smaller visits of an hour or two and build up to dropping your kid off for longer periods. Ask the staff for reports about how your little one did while you were away.

Bring Two Bags on Day One

The first bag should have all the stuff that goes home with your kid every day, such as their favorite stuffie and blanket. The second bag should include practical items, such as diapers and wipes, that can stay. Put both of your names on both of the bags to help the staff keep track of them.

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