Why You Shouldn'T Sneak Away After Dropping Your Child Off At Daycare

When they attend daycare for the first time, some children can barely make the time to say goodbye to their parents as they rush inside and get busy playing and making new friends. For other children, there can be a little bit of anxiety about being away from their parents. While this feeling will subside before long, it's important that you give your child the time that he or she needs to express any feelings about the situation. If your child is showing signs of being upset when you drop him or her off, you may feel as though sneaking away when the child is distracted will give him or her a chance to move along without you and get accustomed to the new environment. Here are some reasons that you shouldn't sneak away.

It May Make The Child More Upset

It can be difficult when a child realizes that you've left, and as much as the daycare's staff members will do all that they can to comfort your child and attempt to get him or her involved with something fun, your child may be upset about not getting a proper chance to say goodbye to you. When you take the proper time to hug your child, assure him or her that he or she will have a good day, and then say goodbye, your child won't have to experience the upsetting shock of realizing that you're gone.

It Could Create Future Issues

Even if you think sneaking away will give your child a chance to get accustomed to the new environment, it could create future issues with trust. Your child could feel as though you might get up and leave at any time. For example, when you're playing together at home on the weekend, your child may worry — and potentially even express this concern — that you'll slip out of the room when he or she isn't watching. When you take care to give your child a proper goodbye at daycare, you're lowering the risk of future issues of this sort.

It May Affect The Pickup

Picking up your child from daycare is exciting, especially when you know that he or she will have had a good time and be eager to tell you about it. As much as you might be excited about the pickup, your child could still hold a little resentment from you sneaking away, and this can make the pickup less exciting for both of you. Conversely, when you made an effort to say goodbye properly, your child won't hold any grudges and will be happy to see you and talk about the day. To find out more information about daycares, contact a company like Tomorrow's Child Preschool.