How to Choose a Sanitary Daycare Center for Your Kids

Sending your child to daycare can be a real lifesaver when you are a working parent. It's even more ideal if you feel confident that they're safe and they have what they need to feel more prepared for Pre-K. 

One of the downfalls of sending your kid to daycare or school is that because they are exposed to so many germs and kids all at once, it can make them get sick a little bit more frequently. If your child is sick, the daycare center may not let you drop them off, which means that you'll need to stay home from work to take care of them.

Although you can't put your kid in a bubble before you choose a daycare center, there are a few things that you can inquire about to see if they are keeping things as sanitary and germ-free as possible. 

Hand Washing

One of the best things anyone can do to protect themselves against germs is to wash their hands regularly. When you are first interviewing daycare centers, ask them about their hand washing policy. For instance, do they have the kids wash their hands before every snack and meal? Do they make sure that kids are washing their hands after they spend time outside or use the restroom? Knowing what kinds of policies are in place will help you choose a more sanitary daycare center. 


Another thing to ask about is what kinds of sanitation procedures they go through regularly. Do they have cleaners that come and clean the whole daycare center every day? Do daycare workers wear gloves when they are preparing snacks and meals? Do they wipe down all surfaces that they eat on? Do they clean all sheets and pillows for nap time at least once a week? If you find a daycare center that has strict policies regarding sanitation, it can help to drastically cut back on the number of germs they are exposed to. 

Sick Policy

Although having to stay home from work to take care of your sick kid is frustrating, it means that you are protecting your kid from getting others sick. Similarly, you will want to ensure that other parents and children have to follow the same protocol. If a kid comes to daycare with a cough and runny nose, they are more likely to be contagious and spread germs around. Will the daycare center send sick kids home or kindly separate them from other kids? What is their protocol? 

These are all things that are worth asking daycare centers about when you are in the interview process. To learn more, reach out to some daycare centers near you.