FAQs About Foster Parenting

Are you interested in foster parenting? If this is your first experience with the foster care system, take a look at what prospective parents need to know about child placement services, the benefits of opening up your home to someone in need, and the fostering process. How Many Children Are In the Foster Care System? The answer to this question depends on your state. Each state has its own placement services system.

Want To Enroll Your Kid In A Daycare Center? 3 Tips For Dealing With Separation Anxiety

Most parents who take their toddlers to a daycare center have to deal with their child's cries that leave them heartbroken. As a parent, it is important to understand that toddlers tend to feel comfortable around the people they see every day, like their parents and siblings. So, they won't feel completely safe in the presence of a new caregiver until they get used to them. Moreover, your child does not understand that you will come back for them when you leave at first, and they can exhibit some form of separation anxiety.